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A Local Nonprofit Online Christian News Platform.

The Beacon reports on God's activity across the San Antonio area, provides a spiritual perspective on current events and resources to help you grow in Christ.

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We serve as a communication tool connecting our city, linking nonprofits to additional resources, connecting your passion to purpose, and Christian companies to loyal customers.

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As we succeed in our mission together
we will see more changed lives in our community.

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A Community Hub

The Beacon serves as a gathering place for Christians seeking encouragement, equipping, and spiritual growth. We also offer a spiritual perspective on current events, encouraging a biblical worldview to the things happening around us.

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Inspiring News

Our stories are a source of encouragement, insight, and connection with difference-makers across the community. We provide an inside look at local faith heroes bringing healing and resources to those in need.

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A Guiding Light

The Beacon guides, informs, connects, and helps nurture our church community. Whether you’re seeking opportunities to serve, attend Christian events, or access resources for a closer relationship with Jesus, we are here to serve you.

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Supporting Businesses

Own a business? Let us help you showcase your devotion to the community. Explore how cause marketing with The Beacon can connect you to even more loyal customers. Email us at

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Good News Reflecting the Love of Jesus

3-Ways to connect

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Weekly good News

God is busy transforming lives in our community. Stay up with what He is doing around us and be inspired weekly with good news demonstrating how He is changing lives through the love of Jesus.

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Donate / Sponsor

The Beacon is an approved 501(c)3 that operates through the faithful gifts of our audience. Your support helps us keep the "Good News" going out. Most importantly, your partnership with The Beacon will help change lives in our community.

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Let's Meet

Own a Christian business and want to reach our audience? Maybe a favorite faith-based nonprofit that we need to cover? Perhaps a God story of how He is working in your life? Do you have content you feel would be beneficial to share?

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Share Your God Story

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